WPBA x The U.S. Coast Guard: WPBA Explores Open Waters with the U.S. Coast Guard


Oakland - April 5, 2024 - The upcoming 2024 Women’s Premier Basketball Association (WPBA) season brings exciting news as the league proudly announces its partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard. This collaboration is a celebration of community and diversity, values that are at the core of both organizations. The U.S. Coast Guard, known for its commitment to finding talented individuals across various communities, shares a common goal with the Women's Premier Basketball Association–to nurture and support individuals toward their full potential. Our recruiters search across the rich fabric of each community to find talented Americans who have the potential and drive to be tomorrow’s lifesavers.– U.S. Coast Guard 

The WPBA comprises athletes, coaches, officials, and staff from diverse backgrounds, all united by their dedication to hard work and growth. The league is dedicated to providing multifaceted opportunities for advancement within the league and beyond. 

As in athletics, success in the Coast Guard comes from hard work, commitment to growth, and the teamwork made possible by trusting and training with your crew every day.” – U.S. Coast Guard 

The WPBA has established a robust network of individuals from diverse backgrounds who collaborate to enhance the league, leading to continual improvement each season through the addition of new partnerships and resources available to players and staff. The partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard will bring unique and significant value to the league due to its dedication to organizations characterized by passion and expertise. Similar to the WPBA, the U.S. Coast Guard engages in informative and interactive initiatives for youth in the Bay Area, demonstrating a shared commitment to giving back to the community. 

The U.S. Coast Guard will be in attendance at games throughout the 2024 Premier League season. A representative from the U.S. Coast Guard shared, “We see this partnership as a means to introduce ourselves to talented women of all ages.” They are excited to present potential opportunities with the U.S. Coast Guard to the devoted members of the WPBA community. 

In response to the collaboration, Faatimah, founder of the WPBA, expressed her excitement, saying, “I believe this partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard will provide valuable avenues for our league members to explore and capitalize on their potential, both on and off the court.” 

The league eagerly anticipates this partnership in the upcoming season and is thrilled to welcome the U.S. Coast Guard into the expanding realm of women's sports!