WPBA x Powerside: Propelling Athletes To The Next Level

by Tanya Clark

“The collaboration between the Women’s Premier Basketball Association and Powerside is a perfect fit!” – Powerside 

Oakland - March 21, 2024 - The Women’s Premier Basketball Association has teamed up with Powerside to help create unique opportunities for players in the league who aspire to play professionally overseas by creating a well-structured network that allows players to build basketball resumes and connect with agents. Oftentimes, players struggle with trying to navigate through this space because they are unaware of the next steps required to become a professional athlete once their collegiate careers are finished.  This is where Powerside comes into play. The platform allows players to build basketball resumes, apply for current overseas basketball openings, and network so that they can build strong relationships with agents, coaches, and teams from around the world. The Women’s Premier Basketball Association strives to get its players to the next level and with this partnership, they are sure to succeed.  

With a growing cache of undiscovered talent, it makes it difficult for agents to keep up with new, fresh faces. Powerside connects agent and player seamlessly to make the process of playing overseas easier than it’s ever been. “Watching passionate people get connected and opportunities being created is the sole reason that makes us continue doing what we do. Our goal is to leave no talent unnoticed!” – Powerside. Since its inception in 2022, the Women’s Premier Basketball Association has garnered a strong community with impressive talent and this partnership has the potential to make player’s dreams become a reality.

Connection, community, and increased visibility are at the heart of this partnership. Powerside being the official Basketball Social Platform of the Women’s PBA will only help grow the basketball community as a whole in the Bay Area. “We all come from diverse backgrounds that help us understand the importance of being heard, being given a chance, and being open to receiving assistance in moving the needle forward in our careers.” - Powerside. 

“This partnership is HUGE because it shows our athletes who are looking to continue their careers overseas, that we have their best interest at heart. Powerside’s platform is one of a kind because they are building genuine relationships with teams, coaches, and agents so that players applying for these opportunities are put in the best position possible to succeed. I support Powerside’s platform because it played an important role in the placement of my most recent overseas season. Once I have found something of true value I want to be able to share it with my community so that they too can succeed. I truly believe that this partnership will continue to increase opportunities and educate our athletes while elevating the overall success of the Women’s Premier Basketball Association.” – Faatimah A, Women’s Premier Basketball Association.