WPBA x Baden: The Ultimate Crossover

by Tanya Clark

Oakland - March 14, 2024 - For 45 years, Baden has prided itself on having a laser focus on providing high-quality basketballs for leagues all around the world. The Women’s PBA is proud to announce its partnership with the legacy brand. Chad, Baden’s Sr. Director of Marketing and E-commerce, articulately expresses what it means to be associated with the league with this powerful statement:

“We truly believe that sports create community - and we love being an integral part of the sport of basketball. The Women’s PBA is building up athletes in their community and creating opportunities for them to shine. They are inspiring their athletes to continue to fuel their own passion for the game, while also inspiring the next generation of athletes in the Bay Area. At Baden, our mission is to create products athletes love, inspiring play in all we do – and  the Women's Professional Basketball Association is helping us connect to athletes and inspire them to play the game they love.”

The Women’s PBA has locked in a 3-year deal with the basketball giant and is excited to unveil soon the new official game ball Baden has designed for the 2024 Premier League season. This partnership signifies a community-driven initiative that both brands hold in high regard. “We love what the Women’s Premier Basketball Association is doing for not only the women’s game but for exemplifying the fact that basketball brings people together and creates community” Chad Lindstrom, Baden’s Sr. Director, Marketing & E-commerce.  With parallels in ethos and mission, both the league and Baden will continue to build a legacy around honoring the athlete and supporting women in sports.

The Premier League season is set to begin on June 1st with tryouts being held the first weekend of May. The league and its founder Faatimah couldn’t be more excited about this ongoing partnership. “Baden was the first brand to believe in what I was creating when I started the Women’s Premier Basketball Association and since then they have been nothing short of amazing. This partnership means a lot because it shows that Baden continues to show up and support women’s basketball. Not many people know this but Baden created the first women’s basketball in 1984. As a proud member of the Baden Family, I stand behind the feel, look, and quality of their products and I can’t wait to unveil our new official game ball for the 2024 Premier League season”. - Faatimah A, Women’s Premier Basketball Association. Chad continues to share his enthusiasm about the partnership by stating  “We are so proud to be working with an official partner who is making a difference in the lives of those around them. On and off the court.”