Women's PBA x Google Pixel: A Pixel Perfect Partnership

by Tanya Clark

Oakland - February 22, 2024 - Google Pixel is along for the ride into the future of women’s basketball In partnering with the Women’s Premier Basketball Association (Women’s PBA). This is an exciting time for both organizations, especially with the rise in visibility of women’s sports. Google Pixel has made it a point to use its platform to bring awareness and show diversity in the people and missions it supports. “The partnership with the Women’s PBA aligns strongly with our desire to elevate women in sports at all levels, and particularly continuing to support partners who are spearheading impactful efforts at the community level” – Jared Harris, Lead Sports Talent Partnerships at Google Pixel.

As the 2024 Premier League season approaches, the Women’s PBA is working diligently with local small businesses in the Bay Area to get players ready to compete. Recently, the league collaborated with Squadz, a company that hosts open runs in the Bay Area, to create a space where basketball players can come together and compete. Jared Harris mentions that “The people involved with the Women’s PBA are working hard every day to uplift the community and we’re grateful to support.” Faatimah A, the league’s commissioner, makes it a point to host workshops and clinics for female youth throughout the season to help inspire them to dream big and continue to work hard. It’s important to her to be active in the community so she can keep shining a light on women and girls in sports.

With hopes to make the 2024 Premier League season its best and biggest yet, the Women’s PBA is extremely grateful to be partnering with such a well-respected brand that aligns with its mission. The league is committed to diversity, community, and building a legacy that leaves a lasting impact on the industry and beyond. With a partner like Google Pixel, which has been proactive in using its voice to uplift women’s sports, the Women’s PBA can only elevate and soar to new heights.

Women’s Basketball is definitely on the rise and I believe it is our responsibility to continue to help push the needle forward. This partnership with Google Pixel means so much to us because it shows that we as an organization are doing our part to uplift and strengthen our community. This is a beautiful reminder to anyone who Is doing the work to positively impact their community to continue to dream big because you never know who is watching” – Faatimah A, Women’s Premier Basketball Association Founder.