The Women's PBA Gets Fitted By Hemero

by Tanya Clark

Oakland - March 7, 2024 - The Women’s PBA is thrilled to announce its partnership with Hemero, a basketball apparel and accessories brand with over 30 years of manufacturing experience. Alan Chung, Hemero’s Founder/Creative Director states that “Hemero closely aligns with the Women’s PBA in its commitment to empowerment, personal growth, and leadership development. Together with the Women’s PBA, we support diversity and strive to uplift women’s basketball.”

Hemero will be unleashing its creative energy and putting the utmost care into crafting the league’s jerseys this season. The brand’s longevity within the competitive manufacturing market has been built on strong relationships and trust with its consumers. Alan Chung, Hemero’s Founder/Creative Director adds “Observing and adapting to trends is fundamental, but taking risks and defying conventions are essential in setting us apart.”

With the 2024 Premier League season soon approaching, teams will have a fresh look and new feel with Hemero taking inspiration from the Bay Area’s vibrant culture and heritage. “We’re set to create something that is fitting for this iconic city. The Women’s PBA may be a relatively new league, but they’re making big moves and we’re thrilled to contribute to their success.” – Alan Chung, Hemero’s Founder/Creative Director. Founder of the Women's Premier Basketball Association, Faatimah A is more than excited to witness the evolution of the new jersey designs. She trusts that Hemero will represent the league in a way that feels authentic, unique, and inclusive.

“I am extremely excited about this partnership with Hemero for the upcoming season. They’ve collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world, and I am honored that they see true value in what the Women’s PBA is providing for the basketball community. Every season allows us the opportunity to be better, and I truly believe that with the partnerships being built, we will be able to do more for our community” – Faatimah A, Women’s Premier Basketball Association.